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We have profound knowledge to design, build and integrate custom and scalable Artificial Intelligence solutions

using the latest cutting-edge technologies and development platforms based on your business needs.

Why choose innoLab as your AI Solution Partner

We are inspired in:

Machine learning

Deep learning

Natural language processing


Computer vision

Prediction model

Artificial Intelligence Application Features

Recommendation System

Recommendation System

Users feel valued with personalised experience. AI Recommendation System presents users with offers he or she might be interested in based on preference and behaviour. It continuously improves user experience and help to meet your business's KPIs.

Chatbot & Natural Language Processing


Built-in conversational user experience that responses to user enquiries, provide personalised suggestions, process orders, update the latest product news etc. We build bot with Natural Language Processing(NLP) to analyse what your users are saying to respond intelligently

Churn Prediction

Churn Prediction

Retaining the existing customer is 15 times harder than acquiring new customer. Churn prediction helps your to detect customers who are likely to un-subscribe product and service. Once it identifies the "at-risk" group of customers, you can send out trigger emails to them based on their inactivity levels. Churn prediction can be extremely useful for customer retention

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

As image recognition technology has emerged, there are numerous uses and services available across almost any industry. Computer Vision is useful in many areas, including safety, health, security, comfort, fun and access. Specific examples include: search and e-commerce, gesture recognition, object recognition, surveillance and security etc,


Evaluate the your business needs to

identify the type of problems, such as

classification, forcasting etc,

in order to find the best-fit AI solutions

Proof of Concept

Analyze the relationship between the features of the data and pick the useful features to train our model to solve your problem

Training Model

Build the model by training the selected features

with the use of the sophisticated tools on the market


Continuously evaluate the built models for better prediction accuracy by tuning the model's parameters and features

Our Trusted Platforms & Framework for AI Solution

We adopt the best technologies on the market.

Microsoft Azure
Tensor Flow
Scikit learn

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